Tips on Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gift

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The Perfect Corporate Gift

The Perfect Corporate Gift

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Corporate Gifts

Sometimes choosing the perfect corporate gift is harder than buying the perfect perfume or tie for someone else. You actually need to buy the same gift (or at least somewhat similar) to several different individuals.

Gatewin understands your woes and we want to make sure that the items you pick out as your corporate gifts best suit your requirements and will be as perfect as possible.


  1. Know How Many People will Receive the Gift

This might sound like a brainless thing to list out- but coming from experience, there have been occasions whereby too many or too few gifts were ordered.

Ordering too many will result in not only a waste of money, but also unnecessary occupancy of space. This is the lesser of two evils.

Ordering too few will often end up in a bit of humiliation (or as we Singaporeans like we say, pai seh)– it’s like bringing Christmas gifts to an orphanage and realising you didn’t bring enough and there are some who feel left out and unimportant.

In the business context, this usually ends up in sour relations one way or another and this could be easily avoided.


  1. Shop Within an Allocated Budget

Set aside a feasible amount of money for your corporate gifts- a number that you know the company can spare, yet also one that will make it almost impossible to work within.

By putting a figure to this investment of the company’s, it also gives you a better idea of what are the types of gifts you are able to afford.

Once you know the amount set-aside for this purpose, be strict with yourself about this. Understand and respect the fact that an amount has been set aside; and select items accordingly.


  1. Are you Shopping for Internal People?

If the corporate gifts are for your company’s internal staff, then the gifts have to be a lot more personal.

According to studies, staff receiving gifts from their companies often wish for something practical yet exclusive; something that requires a current employment contract to receive.

The gifts are also a very unspoken manner of expressing how you important you feel your staff are to your corporation- so remember that gifts should express some level of gratitude for their hard work as well.

Some examples would be a customised stationery set or flash drive.


  1. …Or Are You Shopping for External People?

Getting corporate gifts for external people from the organization requires a different approach.

Gifts for people outside the organisation are a subtle form of marketing & advertising of your own company’s brand. It builds, maintains and sometimes even becomes the cornerstone in the business relations.

Corporate gifts for external people need not be so personal, but they have to depict how much you regard the professional relationships you share with them.

It does not have to be something that they could use everyday at work- some suggestions could be paperweights or key chains.


  1. Does the Gift Speak Appropriately of Your Company?

Before confirming your orders with us at Gatewin, it’s always good to think if the gifts you’ve chosen are appropriate for your company image.

If your company is that of a luxury brand, something that is cheap might not be the most suitable choice as it speaks poorly of your company. Instead send leather-bound items that look expensive and high in value.

If your company were into recycling, giving plastic items would be an oxymoron to what you are doing. Instead, consider our folding bag.

Corporate gifts have the power to speak on behalf of your entire corporation in so many ways and Gatewin understands that- which is why we carry such a vast range of items to match your unique corporate images.