The One-Size-Fits-All Corporate Gifts

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Buying gifts can be as difficult as trying to climb Mount Everest in a pair of slippers- so much unforeseen complications, so many factors to consider and the endless worry about the reactions your gifts will receive.

The sad truth is, this obstacle of gift giving applies even in the corporate world.

The good news is though; we have some rather foolproof gifts that are easily appreciated by individuals and corporations alike.

Better news?  We’re not talking about the typical key-chains that you know people will hardly ever really put to use.

The beauty of these gifts is that they are classics, highly practical and have a touch of personalisation in them.



  1. Metal Pens

Corporate Gift Metal Pens.

Corporate Gift Metal Pens.

Simply because giving plastic pens will make one appear cheap and insincere.

Pens are an endless requirement in the corporate world. They’re a lot like socks at home- you know you bought quite a number, but they somehow always go missing. So you’re constantly in need for new ones.

It never hurts to have extra lying around.



  1. Foldable Umbrellas

Corporate Gifts Foldable Umbrellas

Corporate Gifts Foldable Umbrellas.

Normal umbrellas are a little too much of a hassle to carry around on a regular basis. And given Singapore’s highly unpredictable weather, having an umbrella on standby is always a wise choice.

A nice plus-point of this corporate gift is that the public could see your logo easily once the umbrella is open.



  1. Mugs

Corporate Gifts Mugs

Corporate Gifts Mugs.

Well, have you seen those ‘generic’ cups in the pantry? Most people won’t dare to use them. And also normal cups are not able to keep your coffee nice and warm for longer than 15 minutes – but our mugs can.

It’s pure science that the metal is a good conductor of heat; but the science behind this corporate gift is sending a message that you care about the receiver’s basic needs.



  1. Anti-Stress Balls

Corporate Gifts Anti-Stress Balls

Corporate Gifts Anti-Stress Balls

As much as we might like to deny it, stress exists everywhere- not only in the office.

Your child is not getting ideal grades to enter into a good school; your phone battery is dead and you’re expecting an important phone call… The list is endless.

So sending someone an anti-stress ball is definitely useful. It might not be the solution to the problem, but it’ll at least help them in coping with the matter at hand.



  1. Foldable Bags

Corporate Gifts Foldable Bag

Corporate Gifts Foldable Bag

Once upon a time, these might have been regarded as something only ‘aunties’ will carry around- but right now, people are steering towards being eco-friendly.

Thus it is hardly surprising to find people with foldable bags inside their unfolded bags; ready to store items like groceries and such.

It is often a good idea to bring along a foldable bag or two with you when travelling abroad. Even if it is only for a short trip, and especially so if going on a dedicated shopping trip, this ingenious bag will transform and become your additional check-in luggage. The tip here is to clear your original hard luggage of the dirty laundry. Squeeze whatever you can into the foldable bag and you’ll be amazed at how much clothing this bag can hold. There will now be enough room for the things that you have bought, especially if they are delicate items.