The Investment Behind Corporate Gifts

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The Investment Behind Corporate Gifts

The Investment Behind Corporate Gifts

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?

Gifts are basically mere everyday items that anyone can simply go into stores to pick up for themselves; but the difference is- the giver.

No gift comes alone – gifts always come with an unspoken/unwritten message with an intangible etch in the subconscious. And corporate gifts give more than just that; with corporate gifts, you are able to use them as building blocks to scale higher mountains, to be resilient foundations and supportive cornerstones to business relations.


A Transaction Outside Dollar Signs

Usually when companies send things to one another, they are supplies, invoices & other such similar things. It’s only natural- we are after all, running businesses.

However granting others a breath of fresh air when receiving gifts once in a while from your company will let others not always associate your company with ‘money’ (which can be quite cringe-worthy).

So the next time someone takes a look at your company’s logo or hears its name, a positive, giving and generous connotation is emitted.


Enhanced Professional Relations

Ever saw how hard a parent tries to get the perfect Christmas present for his/her precious child? Now why does that happen? Simply because the parent cherishes the relationship he/she has with the child.

The same happens with corporate gifts.

When you present an appropriate corporate gift, you establish relationships with others on a professional basis. Others know you care enough to go the extra mile to present something for them to remember you by.


Connections Beyond Business

And once people possess your corporate gift, they’re practically holding a part of your business in their hands.

Future dealings will no longer merely carry a number to be entered in the accounting books; because connections have been established and especially in Singapore’s culture, such connections are the cornerstones of businesses.

These connections have proven to be strong joints to business relations that go on for many, many years- even from different management to management.


Intangible & Positive Product Placement

Experts say that corporate gifts have proven to be very effective when it comes to product placement. The average person is more inclined to purchase something from your brand versus a competitor that ‘has not given them a gift’.

Your business could be dealing with end-consumers or other businesses – the very fact is that one likes to give to another who gives. Therefore by presenting your corporation on gifts, it engraves in the subconscious of others that you are not perpetually after them for profits – rather you want to give them something as well.

Corporate gifts have a very subtle yet powerful effect on businesses that give them and individuals who receive them. With these tangible items, you are able to build intangible relationships that could easily pass the test of time, fierce competition and countless other factors in the business jungle.