How Much is Too Much For Corporate Gifts?

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Choosing the Appropriate Corporate Gift.


Have you ever entered a casual event in formal attire?

If you have, you know that as much as what you’re wearing might be more expensive– but you’re hardly appreciated. You stick out like a sore thumb and it pretty much ruins the event for you.

Similar thing happens to corporate gifts – sometimes less is more. You need to gauge just what is appropriate to hand out to the receiver.

Here are some pointers on how to get a good idea on the level of extravagance that should be in your corporate gifts.

Remember it isn’t about the actual cost of the gift- it’s about how expensive it looks.


  1. Your Company’s General Image

If your company were a person, who or what sort of person is he/she? Is he/she someone very sophisticated and elegant? Or someone who is more practical or economical?

Your gift has to very well portray that image of the company. You know it’s too much if you’re actually a value shop and you send over a 20 feet-tall dragon statue carved out of gold.


  1. Your Relationship with the Recipients

Think about when you’re buying a present for a lifelong buddy versus something for a friend who you occasionally meet- there is bound to be a difference in the level of extravagance.

The same idea applies here.

If you’re giving corporate gifts internally, you need to give something more intimate and exclusive. Why? Simply because these are the people who are the closest to the company- technically, they are the company.

If the gifts for meant for external parties like other businesses- think about the type of business relations you have. Consider the length of the relations and how trade/transactions were carried out. And this is an unspoken way of expressing how much you treasure and desire to continue good business relations.

That being said, it is also another way of letting the other companies if you feel otherwise.


  1. The Nature and Culture of the Recipients

Especially if they are of another race or nationality- some gifts can be considered offensive even. The good thing is, most gifts at Gatewin are pretty universally accepted.

However it is always good to note that some companies just do not appreciate over-the-top gifts no matter how good your business relations are. They might find it impractical and this would counteract on your intentions, and might even tell them how little you know about them.

So remember to do your homework in this area before deciding on what to send over- lest your corporate gift sticks out like a sore thumb and being an actual eyesore.