Five Good Ideas for Popular Corporate Gifts

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We aren’t going to look at gifts that are ordered in the largest of quantities – that doesn’t make the gift necessarily popular

To get an understanding on what is a truly popular corporate gift, we took a look at what the recipients loved receiving on their end.


  1. Leather Business Card Holder

Five Good Ideas for Popular Corporate Gifts 1

Elegant Leather Card Holder that comes in a nice hard-cover gift box.


Might sound mighty cliché- but it’s actually one of the most underrated corporate gifts around.

You would think everyone who should have a business card holder should already have one- it seems to be a given. Like as if it came along with the employment contract.

However you’ll be shocked to realise how many corporate individuals actually are always keen on receiving business card holders. They’ve always found them endlessly useful- be it for corporate or personal use.



  1. Multi-Purpose Pen Holder

Five Good Ideas for Popular Corporate Gifts 2

Pen Holder with built-in LCD display that tells the time, date and room temperature. It has a stainless steel panel wrapped with leather.


You’ll find under Gatewin’s “Desktop Stationery”, there are some penholders that come with LCD clocks and other fancy features.

We have found that recipients found this gifts to not only be very practical, but classy-looking. Just one little thing that doesn’t take up too much desk space suddenly makes their whole working area look more technologically advanced.

And some found a couple of those fancy features to actually be useful – like knowing the temperature.


  1. USB Flash Drive

Five Good Ideas for Popular Corporate Gifts 3

The latest USB Flash Drive has been launched – The Sandisk Cruzer U.


They’re almost like the technological version of socks- you know you have them, but somehow always can’t find them when you need them.

In the old days, people would be carrying papers around- now we use USB Flash Drives which make things so much more convenient and are vital in this information-sharing age.

Recipients have also expressed their joy over knowing that Gatewin uses “Sandisk” Flash Drives, which is a reputable & reliable brand for such products.



  1. Sports Bags

Five Good Ideas for Popular Corporate Gifts 4

These are highly versatile sports bags that come with a special compartment for shoes.


As we get older, our metabolism drops and all of us make attempts to head down to minimally the community centres to sign up for some classes.

During which we find out that we need sports bags – but it never was something that we would specially head out to buy. We end up using an old ragbag or something close to just store our towels whatsoever.

Some recipients are always grateful to receive something that will not only be a form of motivation to a healthier lifestyle (no matter how minuscule), but also something that they can use for practical use without having to actually spend money on.



  1. Jackets and Windbreakers

Five Good Ideas for Popular Corporate Gifts 5

Fashionable Windbreaker Jackets with reversible sides to change the colour of your preference.


Believe it or not- adults in the corporate world sometimes actually miss having a ‘uniform’ other than the office-wear template.

Having a jacket or windbreaker that speaks of the company is not just tangible in keeping individuals warm in cold offices – but also sending off an intangible sense of belonging.

In fact to date, there are even some ex-staff who wear their previous company’s jackets/windbreakers – they’re like souvenirs, but practical.