Corporate Gifts with Logo

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Right here on this blog you will get to see actual photographs of our recent corporate gift projects, read interesting reviews and also get some tips on the best methods to customise your corporate gifts.

The pictures will illustrate how certain logo colours will turn out when printed on different background colours. After going through these examples of customisation, you will also get a better idea about logo positioning on a wide range of corporate gifts.


This picture shows exactly how a bright red colour logo will appear when printed on the dull-green nylon material of the sports bag. The brightness of the red logo will be somewhat lessen due to the dull background colour. In this case, it is important to take into consideration your logo colour when choosing the colour of your corporate gifts.


This red logo appears bright and vibrant because it is printed on a light blue background of the Nylon Travel Bag. This shows that the brightness of a printed logo depends very much on the background colour of the corporate gifts that you select.


An umbrella is one of the product that every company in Singapore must include in their Corporate Gifts campaign. If you have seen 34-inch umbrellas being used during golf tournaments on TV, you will see that the printed logos are large and prominent. Whether on TV or seen from a distance away, your company logo remains visible. For the same effect, you may consider choosing the umbrellas with larger sizes from 30 inches onwards. Singapore is a tropical island with rain throughout the year. The brolly is used often, which makes it a sensible choice to use it as your ultimate marketing tool.

       corporate-gifts-singapore-bag3    This is one of our recent project which features a printed logo with many fine details. As you can see, although there are many fine lines and overlapping details, the logo is still printed clearly enough. Silkscreen printing is used for the black logo on the red nylon material of the bag. The tip here is to ensure that the logo artwork you submit to us is a high resolution working file. In addition, it is also important to print the logo with at least 5cm in width. The logo will appear smudged if it is printed any smaller than this.


This eco-friendly notebook with a dark grey front cover offers the perfect background for printing the company logo in matt silver, which highlights the concept of natural blending in the customisation of corporate gifts. In this case, we have advised against printing in white because the logo will appear artificial on this hard card material.


The logo appears bright and vibrant on the two sports bags. Quite often, such a multi-colour logo will require heat press (decal) printing for best results. The cost is just slightly higher but the results are fantastic!


As a result of careful planning and design, the perfect colour combination is achieved in this customisation of the power bank charger. The client was looking for the customisation to be clear and yet subtle. So we have chosen a light shade of silver for the logo on the white background colour of the power bank.


Choosing the right colours for your Corporate Gifts can produce stunning results! Printed on the royal blue pen body, the solid white logo appears much larger than it actually is. This will be the perfect corporate gift for your marketing events like trade exhibitions, seminars and road shows. As you can see here, White is a great choice for printing on dark background colours. The stark contrast achieved is simply imposing.


A Great Corporate Gift that never stops conveying the all important message! A good reminder for all at work to keep calm, especially during periods of high anxiety. The big and bold text message on the ceramic mug is truly glaring – just the result we are looking for. Hope this will give you an idea of how to plan your next marketing message on one of these mugs.


A corporate logo will look great even on just an ordinary coffee mug! The tip here is to print in multiple colours in a harmonious layout to add vibrance and vigor. The fluent collaboration with our client has resulted in this well designed Corporate Gift Mug!


This is one of our most unique ball pen project to date. You can clearly see how the shiny metal rings on the pen body blend perfectly with the elegant silver logo. You’ll be surprised how large your logo will look even though the printable area seems small.


On the other hand, our client also bought the pen in a different colour which is silver. Based on given instructions, we imposed a bold imprint in black on the light background colour to fully utilise the concept of colour contrast in this case. The result is a spectacular logo that creates an ernormous impact, instantly! Here is a video showing how pens are printed at the factory.


Although the surface of the wireless mouse is curved, we are still able to do a 2-colour silkscreen imprint on it. As you can see, the red and blue colours of the logo do not overlap each other. This simplifies the print job which makes it less challenging. The illustration shows how the white background colour of the wireless mouse is most suitable for printing logos with more than one colour.