Corporate Gifts – Drinkware

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Here, you can find the most common Corporate Gifts in Singapore!

Have you ever wondered why until this day, common Drinkware items such as mugs and water bottles are still the all-time favorite corporate gifts in Singapore?

You may have guessed right. Two very important reasons are because drinkware items are durable and useful – the main criterias for a good corporate gift.

Corporate Gifts – Drinkware 1

All drinkware shown are among the most popular designs in Singapore.


Let’s look at some other factors that could have contributed to its popularity.


You may have noticed that drinkware prices have been falling over the past few years, making it more affordable than before. This has been one of the biggest contributing factor especially for companies in Singapore with budget constraints.

Better Design and Quality

Despite being cheaper than in the past, the design and quality seems to have gotten much better. Most come in new designs and colours that are more vibrant and appealing. There are now options for drinkware made with BPA free materials and also the most advanced co-polyester which are many times more durable than the good old plastic bottle. Unlike those made with polycarbonate, these BPA free bottles have been known to be safe for storage of hot water.

Large Print Area for Logo

Corporate Gifts – Drinkware 2

Printed drinkware illustrating the large printing area


An ideal corporate gift must be one with ample printing space. How true is that? A corporate gift will not be able to convey any marketing message properly if the imprint is not prominent. The bigger the printed logo, the better – as long as it is designed with good flavour. Most drinkware will come with plenty of space for printing. You can even print your logo and a slogan of your choice and it will still look uncluttered. On the contrary, the imprint will look great and speaks the message loud and clear!