Corporate Gifts Bags

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Corporate Gifts Bags are always well received, whether as corporate gifts, door gifts or promotional gifts. Most of us have been given at least one before, and we were likely thinking: “Hmmm.. this could be useful”.

Whether keeping it for ourselves or passing it on to someone else who needs it, a corporate gift bag is almost always cherished as a useful gift with high perceived value.

Giving away bags that are brand-customised is a great marketing idea that offers the most benefits. Not only will you get to print your brand loud and bold, you will also get long-term mobile advertisements in the form of people using these bags in public places!

On the contrary to what most corporate buyers think, customising corporate gift bags are not really very costly. Nowadays these bags come in very durable materials like nylon and polyester. The quality and designs have also improved. Corporate gifts need not be boring when you can give bags that come with innovative and versatile designs. Moreover you can choose from a wide variety of vibrant colours to power up your advertising campaign.

One of the most important thing to consider when procuring corporate gifts is product lifespan. A good quality bag will last many, many years. The bag material is unlikely to be damaged unless it is cut by a sharp object. Therefore checking the quality of the bag zipper is a top priority before any order .





Trail Duffel Bag - SM7276


Polyester Duffel Bags in bright colours with logo imprint.

These are bright-coloured duffel bags with ample printing space for customisation as corporate gifts. Each bag is made with a durable grade of 210D polyester and are available in bright red and blue colours. They come in trendy designs for casual outings. Other features include a high quality zipper compartment with 22-inch double handles and an open front pocket for loose items. The bag size measures 10 inches (height) by 21.5 (width) by 8.5 inches (depth). Product Code: SM-7276





Trendy Polyester Duffle Bags with bottle pocket for sports and trips to the gym.

This vibrant sports duffle bag is made with high grade 600D polyester and reinforced carry handles for enhanced durability. Each bag comes with a high quality zipper and a specially designed mesh netted pocket for holding your favourite sports drink. Other features include an adjustable shoulder strap and a front velcro pocket for added convenience. The available colours are blue and bright yellow. The bag size is 43.2cm (height) by 21.6cm (width) by 28cm (depth). Product Code: D11993201-02






This spacious Travel Bag comes with a convenient front zipper compartment and is available in 5 colours – blue, red, pink, beige and grey. Made with high quality 600D Nylon for durability. Bag size measures 41cm by 17.5cm by 27.5cm height. Product Code: G140





This simple and spacious Travel Bag is available in red, blue and black. Made with durable nylon material. Each is packed in a clear polybag. Product Code: G319





Trendy Sports and Travel Bag with a large side zipper pocket. Made with 420D Nylon . Available in blue or red. Bag size measures 50cm by 23cm by 30cm height. Product Code: TTB1006





Nylon Travel and Sports Bag in red, blue or black. Come with convenient zipper compartment for your shoes and a side compartment for loose items. Bag size measures 44cm by 22cm by 29cm height. Product Code: G16





Nylon Travel and Sports Bag with zipper shoe compartment with a choice of red, blue or black colours. Additional side compartment for convenient storage of your loose items. 48cm by 21cm by 27cm height. Product Code: TTB039





Unique sports bag in sky blue with white stripes. A zipper pouch is built internally for storage of your sports shoes. Made with high quality 600D Nylon for durability. White design patches are made with PU leather. The unit size is 48cm by 20cm by 29cm height. Product Code: TTB1501





Sporty Travel Bag in bright red or lime green with internal zipper compartment for your shoes. Comes with a padded velcro fastener to hold the handles together for a better grip. Strong base lining for added support. The bag is made with good quality 600D Nylon and the size is 49cm by 18cm by 28cm height. Product Code: TTB1701










This well-padded haversack is suitable for carrying a 14-inch laptop computer. Comes with several convenient pockets for storage of stationery and accessories. Made with high grade1680D Nylon. Available in red, blue or midnight blue. The size of the haversack measures 31.5cm by 15cm by 40cm height. Product Code: THB1106





Backpack with two front zipper pockets for added convenience. Made with good quality 600D Nylon in black with either red, green or grey stripe design. The size measures 25cm by 9cm by 45cm height. Product Code: THB1101





Lively design with fanciful prints. This is the out of the ordinary backpack that stands out in the crowd. Comes with two elastic netted pockets at the sides. Material is 600D Nylon and is available in red or green. Unit size measures 25cm by 14.5cm by 42cm height. Product Code: THB1103





This large Backpack measures 30cm by 18cm by 45cm height and is made with durable 600D Nylon material. Comes with two elastic side pockets which are suitable for holding water bottles. Available in red or blue. Product Code: THB1105





This large and well-padded Backpack is made with durable 600D Nylon and good for carrying a laptop computer of up to 15-inch size. Comes with plenty of pockets for accessories and stationery items and two side pockets for water bottles. Available in red or blue. Unit size is 31cm by 13cm by 46cm height. Product Code: THB1108





This plain and simple Haversack is made with good quality 600D Nylon material. Available in pink, light blue and black. The unit size of 34cm by 19cm by 47cm height offers plenty of storage space for your stuff. Product Code: THB021





This Haversack offers a sleek design with a harmonious colour combination of orange and grey. Comes with two side pockets for water bottles. Made with good grade 600D Nylon. Unit size measures 33cm by 16cm by 46cm height. Product Code: THB026





This is a low-cost Haversack but is made with good quality 600D Nylon material. Includes two elastic side pockets for water bottles. Neat and functional design. Available colours are red, blue and black. The unit size measures 30cm by 10cm by 40cm height. Product Code: THB1104





This unique Haversack emulates the design of a piece of apparel. It comes with a centralised zipper pocket for loose items. It is made with 600D Nylon material and available in red or blue. The size is 31cm by 16.5cm by 39.5cm height. Product Code: THB1107





This Haversack is made with a special glossy polyester (600D Nylon) material for a unique look. Compact design with a size of 28.5cm by 12cm by 39.5cm height. There are four available colours – red, blue, green and orange. Comes with two elastic side pockets for water bottles. Product Code: DB8015





This Haversack is made with durable 600D Polyester and comes with a young and trendy design. Stylish zipper compartment situated near the edge. Colours include red, blue, yellow and black. The size is 30.5cm by 19cm by 38cm height. Product Code: DB8019





This is one of the most affordable backpack with 600D Polyester material. Simple design with ample size of 24cm by 14cm by 33cm height. Available colours include blue, red and grey. Product Code: G246





This is a special 3-compartment Backpack for a more organised storage. Trendy design in black with either red, blue or grey stripes. It is made with durable 600D Nylon material and comes with two elastic side pockets. The size is 30cm by 20cm by 40cm height. Product Code: G289





A large backpack made with durable 600D Nylon. It is well-padded all round for carrying your laptop computer. Plenty of storage space with the bag size of 29.5cm by 20.5cm by 46cm height. Comes with two elastic side pockets and available only in black with white trim. Product Code: G143









Heavy duty poly canvas document bags for business seminars, meetings and conventions.

Made with tough 600D poly canvas material, this Document Bag comes with a zipper main compartment, zipper front pocket and a Velcro side pocket. Adding to its durability, it is designed with double-layered 11-inch carry handles as well as a tough and adjustable shoulder strap. The bag size is 11.25 inches height by 15 inches width, and 4 inches in depth. Product Code: SM-7445









Foldable Tote Bags are perfect for loud marketing campaigns with extra large imprinted logos.

It is a must-have for your overseas shopping trip. This convenient and lightweight Foldable Tote Bag features a unique design that allows it to be folded into an integrated zipper pouch and carried by the attached key ring. The 21-inch handles are designed to be durable and highly functional. It is washable and reusable and makes a great alternative to plastic bags. It is made with good grade 210D polyester and the bag size measures 15.7 inches height by 18 inches width. Product code: SM-7260





Extra large foldable travel bags that carry the most things.

This is a “pack-away” Foldable Travel Duffel Bag with a zippered main compartment and 20-inch carry handles. There is also an additional front zipper pocket for loose items and a side mesh pocket for holding a water bottle. It features a unique pack-away design that allows it to be folded and zipped up into its own front pocket, making this a great bag to bring along during trips. The extra large design provides you with more luggage space especially for your shopping trips. The bag when folded, comes with a convenient carry handle. It is made with 210D polyester material and the size is 13 inches height by 18 inches width and 7 inches in depth. Product Code: SM-7278





Business Tote Bags with clever ideas work great for seminars and conventions.

Fresh design and low-cost Tote Bags for trade exhibitions, conventions, seminars and business meetings. Featuring refreshing colour shades and a no-nonsense executive design. The bag is made with good quality 600D polyester material, and comes with an open main compartment and a cleverly designed pen loop on the front. The 30-centimeter handle offers shoulder sling convenience when carrying heavy stuff. The tote size is 35.5cm by 7.6cm by 40.6cm. Product Code: D12010000





Low-cost tote bags that offer maximum exposure for your marketing message.

Tote Bags with open main compartment. Long handle length of 30cm for added convenience of use. Made with 100gsm cotton material for long lasting durability and there are many colours to choose from. Each bag measures 38cm by 42cm. Product Code: D11941100









Drawstring Backpack - SM7353

Designed with a stylish front zipper compartment, this has got to be the most unique drawstring bag in town!

Large main compartment with drawstring closure. Unique and stylish design with front zipper pocket and earbud ports on reinforced corner tabs. Made with durable 210D polyester material. The bag size measures 18 inches in height by 13 inches in width. Product Code: SM-7353