Chinese New Year Gifts

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Chinese New Year celebrations for Singapore is just a month away.

Year after year, and in line with long-standing traditions, the GIFT that all of us are looking forward to most is the ‘Hong Bao’ – a red paper packet with money in Singapore dollar notes stuffed neatly inside as monetary gifts. The amounts can be small or large, depending on how willing the giver is. In the Chinese community, receiving any amount of money in a red packet means receiving good luck.

Since a couple of months ago, Corporate Gift Suppliers in Singapore have all stocked up with the latest ‘Hong Bao’ designs. The colour RED signifies Good Luck and Prosperity for the Chinese, and red paper is usually used to make these ‘Hong Bao’s.

However since several years ago, bright colours like orange, yellow and pink are also starting to be used as well. Bright colours like these are associated with the Bright Life which is a good omen. On the other hand, dull colours like grey and black signifies doom and death, and are shunned at all costs especially during the Chinese New Year!

Every year at this time, companies purchase thousands of these red packets to give as corporate gifts to their clients and business associates, for use during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Chinese New Year Gifts

Giving Hong Bao is a tradition in Singapore when giving money in decorative red paper packets like these happens every Chinese New Year.

Why do we hold this gift so dear to us?

First and foremost, everybody loves money – tell me if I am wrong.

Well even so, another reason is, for all adults it reminds us of the innocent days of eager anticipation when we were once kids – promptly waking up early on the first day of Chinese New Year to start the day of ‘Hong Bao’ collection. One way or the other, receiving a ‘Hong Bao’ means receiving blessings, in all ways we can think of, and thus it feels good to receive one.

“GONG XI FA CAI” to one and all!