Bags and Drinkware

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Bags and Drinkware are undoubtedly the two top categories of Corporate Gifts in terms of popularity.

As such, we are always on the hunt for new and innovative designs to keep pace with the changing trends. Even manufacturing materials for these bags and drinkware items are being updated regularly. New and better materials are constantly being developed to enhance durability and design aesthetics.

For many years now, we have seen how ‘felt’ and ‘neoprene’ materials are being used to manufacture bags with all sorts of interesting and unique designs. We know these have proven to be very reliable in terms of durability and they also add a unique ‘touch’ to the look and feel of the  final product – literally. For plastic drinkware items, we have seen the gradual shift from using polycarbonate to manufacture water bottles to BPA free copolyester materials, which are many times tougher and easier to clean. We are all getting increasingly anxious about food safety, and thus BPA free bottles which have been tested and proven to be safe for hot water use, have become all the rage on the market for Corporate Gifts Drinkware.