5 Things Corporate Gifts Say About Your Company

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Think of corporate gifts as your tangible and inanimate company representatives. Well, think of them as your salespeople being wrapped up nicely in a bow and sent to impress and build business relations.

If you had it your way- you won’t be sending a shabby-looking gift. You’ll be sending one that exudes the very essence of your company.

Here are 5 basic facts that your corporate gift says about you & your company when presenting it to others.

  1. How Much Your Company Regards The Receivers

Well, the very fact that you are presenting something to them shows that you have at least some sort of regard for them.

The question now begets – how much?

You want to make your receivers feel like you actually put in time, effort, a decent budget and brain power into giving them the gifts – rather than just giving it to them for the sake of giving it to them.

  1. What Your Company Thinks Of The Receivers

What you present as a corporate gift is practically defining the kind of connection you have (or want to have) with each other.

The whole idea when giving a corporate gift is to make the receivers feel like your company don’t just see them as ‘business’- rather as ‘relationships’.

To achieve this- you will want your corporate gifts to have a sense of personalisation to them.

  1. How Far Do You Wish To Go

The quality and apparent value of the corporate gift you present is almost like giving your receivers your financial reports – is it in financial stability or are you cutting some corners here and there?

Now the trick behind this is not to spend an enormous amount of money, but to choose quality-looking products that are visually presentable to your receivers.

  1. The Practicality (or not) Of Your Company

Do not mistake sending exorbitant gifts with appearing rich. A clear line needs to be drawn here. Otherwise, it might just make your corporate gift look like it’s trying too hard.

Depending on who is receiving the gift, understand that everyone appreciates at least a bit of practicality.

Another plus point to presenting something practical is that instead of having something to admire for a day – they will have something they can use and be constantly reminded of your company for a much longer time.

  1. The Hidden Image Of Your Company

You could’ve spent a whole lot into establishing your company image, but understand that whatever your corporate gift is – it has to go very well in line with that particular image.

The common mistake people make is that they usually choose items that are more economical for their budgets or easy to manage and distribute; forgetting that it is actually in turn taking a toll on their corporate image.